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Jeff from The Adventure Craze

My name is Jeffrey Alan. I’ve been playing paintball and airsoft for years, having started out small and slowly making my way into bigger and better events while learning as much as I can about the sport. This site started as a few guides I wrote for friends who always asked about how I got into paintball and what they should do to follow in my footsteps. They liked what I had to say, so I decided to share my experiences with as many people as possible.

I started out playing nothing but fast-paced close quarters games and arenas but eventually began to warm up to larger facilities and outdoor competitions. Recently, I’ve started to play more arena-style events again, but still regularly participate in local events and meetups in the woods. I briefly held a spot on a competitive team, but ultimately decided that casual play is more my style.

Click around the site, get to know the sport, and if the things I have to say strike a chord with you, go out and try them yourself!

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